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First responder stress and burnout contribute to well-documented difficulties with health and work performance. You and your families suffer the...

Critical Incident Stress Management

Critical Incident Stress Management

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) is a comprehensive, integrated crisis intervention program. CISM includes a range of support services...

Douglas Cyr, MFT

Helping First Responders Thrive

Douglas Cyr, MPA, MFT is a 2017 graduate of  Marist College School of Management, the first non-first responder to have received a scholarship through their  Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Partnership. In his private practice, he provides a variety of  Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) services for law enforcement agencies throughout northern California, serving as a regular trainer for the California Highway Patrol, as well as for the San Francisco and San Jose Police Departments. He is Certified as a Trauma Treatment Specialist and  EMDR Therapist, as well as an Employee Assistance Professional.  He is an Approved Instructor  with the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation and has served as a clinical volunteer with the First Responder Support Network’s West Coast Post-trauma Retreat since 2010.



Excellent presentation, very funny presenter... it was nice to laugh so much. I wish we could keep him!! Very helpful and motivating.

Training ParticipantYolo Superior Court

Mr. Cyr was very passionate and informative. There was a lot of good info for us to use back at our areas.

Law Enforcement SergeantFirst Line Supervisor

As a Peer, this is my first encounter with Doug. I was very impressed with his passion and belief about heading off/coping with the effects of stress.

Law Enforcement Sergeant/Peer

Mr. Cyr was outstanding and displayed a legitimate passion for his profession.

Law Enforcement Sergeant

Your training exceeded my expectations-- it was fantastic!  I greatly appreciated your energy and enthusiasm during the presentation. We definitely want you back for more.

AnonymousDeputy Commander

The group exercises were by far the most beneficial.  They made us use the tools we will use in the field, in a way that instilled confidence.

Peer Support Trainee

This (peer support) course was tremendously helpful in walking through different scenarios: not only in knowledge, but also in practice, then in getting feedback on the practice!

Peer Support Trainee

I would absolutely recommend this (peer support) course to a colleague.  It has great information for anyone in the law enforcement profession.

Peer Support Trainee

I would absolutely recommend this (peer support) course to a colleague.  The more good peers we have, the more help we can give!

Peer Support Trainee

I would absolutely recommend this (peer support) course to a colleague.  The program is critical for our personnel.

Peer Support Trainee

We are thankful for the OUTSTANDING presentation you provided at the R5 Law Enforcement for Dispatcher's course.  Thank you for your continued support in providing essential information to our most valuable resources-- our agency employees.

USDA/Forest Service

Doug, thank you for your time and effort to connect with us and help us.  Your course was very pertinent and relevant.

Peer Support Trainee

Thank you for this class!  It's crucial in our environment to be aware of mental-physical reactions to critical or cumulative events.  Law enforcement needs more of these kinds of trainings!

Peer Support Trainee

Doug's support for our department is heartfelt and unwavering.  He is a very compassionate and dedicated professional, and we are very grateful for his steadfast support.  I sincerely believe he has helped save lives.

Sergeant Vanessa PayneProgram Manager, Crisis Management Unit, San Jose Police Department

Thanks so much for the fantastic, spur-of-the-moment moderation you provided for our panel discussion. Your discussion of authenticity and introspection was wonderful.  The combination of your scholarly argument with your personal life story absolutely floored me. It’s that kind of openness that makes me think all of this talk of inclusion may be more than just talk one day. Your presentation reminded me how far I have to go in my efforts to own who I am. Thank you.

National Conference Co-Presenter

Doug did a very good job of reading the crowd during his presentation, adapting his style as needed. After the first few minutes, he captured the attention of the audience while cementing himself as a subject matter expert. Doug provided an overview of counseling services that were of particular importance to the supervisors attending, and followed it up with WHY counseling and consultation can be an important tool for supervision and employees alike.

HR Representative

You do such a great job presenting with positive energy and engaging the audience.

Account Executive

Your practical exercises and manner of teaching brought immediate impact to our civilian workforce. You did a great job reaching out to participants and providing them with the means to truly affect workplace productivity and effectiveness- as well as tools to help our personal lives. We look forward to having you back soon.

HR Representative

Your presentation was a HUGE success. Your style and passion for the topic really struck everyone. You grabbed our attention and made us want to participate! I've never seen the level of participation that was shown today. It's definitely because of you! It made us open our minds to our own realities, those things only we know that affect us. We look forward to seeing you again!

Law Enforcement Representative

Doug is amazing as always... I really appreciate the energy and passion he has for his profession.  He keeps the attention of the audience and is very intelligent. I would not hesitate to attend any presentation he was giving.


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